[Underworld] An end and a beginning

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[Underworld] An end and a beginning

Post by nocturnalie on Mon Mar 05, 2012 2:09 am

Snooze's coven fights to the last of them, and the last of them is him. They have been known for centuries as the greatest warriors among the vampires; there had never been any question of fighting or hiding. They donned armour and took up arrows, swords, blades and guns, and went out in a blaze of fire and bullets.

The humans laid waste to their home.

But this was in the early days of the purges, when they thought fire was the perfect tool. Before they found the weaponsmakers and bought the technology to make UV bullets and grenades, they relied on fire when they could not drag the vampires into the sun.

Fire was not absolute. Fire was random, and unpredictable.

So Snooze was able to crawl away from the smouldering wreck that had once been his home. His hair and clothes melted to his skin; his skin melted to the road. But he could crawl. He was still alive, for some definition of the word. And though it took him the rest of the night, he still found a lonesome pair of teenagers come to neck in the woods, and tore out their throats, drained them like the blood sacks they were.

He took the boy's clothes and walked away, found a place to hide come the day, and started plotting his revenge.

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