[Snoozevamp] Driving trip

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[Snoozevamp] Driving trip

Post by sinistra_blache on Thu Feb 23, 2012 1:10 am

Mitz could nearly - nearly - smell the outside as it zipped past. He fought the urge to press his nose to the edge, where the glass met the door. Too many dog parallels were happening already.

Mouse flicked a glance over her shoulder at him. “You okay?” she asked, for the fifth time.

“I’m good,” he lied. Don’t worry about me. Concentrate on the road.”

“You know I have the best reflexes for a human from here to Schenectedy,” Mouse laughed at him. “Ever since you two did the whole Vulcan mind mend, you’ve been jumpy about driving.”

“I can’t help it if Snooze doesn’t really trust automobiles,” Mitz grumbled.

“Automobiles,” she repeated, deadpan.

“...Uh. I mean - sh,” he reddened a little, glad she couldn’t see him. He didn’t notice her looking at him in the dash mirror, smirking. He was too busy watching trees and fields and sky pass him by.

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