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[Heroes] Escape

Post by nocturnalie on Tue Feb 21, 2012 11:50 pm

At least she's never cold. This jail cell, it can get pretty cold. They don't waste heating on the dirty scary powered prisoners in their custom-made boxes. She's heard that there's a guy across the hall from her who's power is ice, and damn, she can't even think how cold he must get in the middle of the night. But Mouse, she's always warm. Fire is her friend.

She's also friends with one of the guards. He's a quiet thing, jumpy, even. Mouse doesn't know if he's like that all the time, or if it's just the fact that she could kill him with a sneeze. Not that she ever would. Mitz - that's his name, and his parents must be of that crowd who gave their kids weird names like hers were, y'know, before she accidentally killed them - is sweet. He gives her extra food sometimes. And if not for him, she wouldn't have spoken to anyone in months and Mouse goes crazy without social contact. Like she did in the last prison they kept her in. She wasn't allowed to speak to anybody for six months and it had culminated in her suicide attempt and these funky brain wave patterns where she just can't stop speaking her thoughts aloud.

Maybe it's a comfort to the telepath in the cell two rows over, but Mouse will never know. All these cells are custom-made to hold them in and maybe that even holds the telepath's ability in. She couldn't imagine that: not being able to use her power. She loves fire. It's comforting. Warm. It's never hurt her, and she can never hurt it. Not like she hurt - /killed/ - her parents.

She's not the only murderer in this prison. All of them have committed crimes of some sort, and nearly always, those crimes have involved their powers. A guy who can phase through walls robbed a bank. A woman who can control minds told people she didn't like to throw themselves off bridges. A woman who can create illusions caused a thirty-car pileup by simulating a lightning storm, just because she was bored. Mouse killed people, her parents, a boy at school, her first cellmate - accidentally. She doesn't have complete control over her power. None of them do, really. It's how they all got caught.

But the ice guy across the hall from her, apparently, has perfect control over his power. Mitz told Mouse about him just a few days ago. He's broken out of his cell five times, killed three guards without hesitation just to suck the moisture from their bodies so he could use it to shatter the walls of his cell and escape. He doesn't seem to care that they died. Mitz is scared witless of him and Mouse wants him gone, away from Mitz, but there's no other place for him. No other place that can hold him. They keep him in a medical coma now, unconscious at all times, so he's not so dangerous anymore. The drugged sleep has earned him the nickname Snooze. No one knows what his real name is. He's never told.

Mouse hates Snooze on principle. He's killed people deliberately, and what kind of asshole does that? A sociopath. Someone dangerous and frightening and utterly evil. That's Snooze. He'd kill beautiful, sweet Mitz if he could. Only people who are purely evil would want to kill Mitz. So she hates Snooze.

...She might be a little curious about his power.

A day comes when Mouse is drawing fire lines on the floor of her cell and muttering to herself as she watches them heal back over - "stupid regenerating polymers, one, two, three, dammit, one, two, /stop that/, one..." It's not a remarkable day. This is how she occupies herself most of the time. But today is the day when Mitz is on roster to visit her, and she always looks forward to these days. So her grumbling at the healing walls isn't nearly as irritated as usual. Could almost say she's excited.

It's not long before dinner when the air shimmers and Mitz teleports in. "I think that teleporting thing would be /so useful/," Mouse says, throwing her arms around him and hugging him. She's careful to keep her hands from flattening on his shoulders. The cloth of the uniform is just too flammable. "But dangerous in my hands because all I'd want to do with it is escape, and I'm a danger to the outside world so I can never leave here. I don't want to leave here, anyway, because that'd mean I'd have to leave you, and you're awesome."

Mitz blushes and hugs her back. "I don't think you're that dangerous," he says. "You just, just don't know how to control your power. That's all. If you could control it -"

"But I can't control it and there's not exactly anyone to teach me how to here in the prison, is there?" Mouse points out. She presses a quick kiss to his cheek and bites her lip to keep herself from talking more. She hates this blathering. It's tied to her power, too - usually dies down when she's exhausted herself and revs up when she's gone days without using - and if she could control one surely she'd be able to control the other but she can't control either. She's tried. It just doesn't work.

Biting his lip too, Mitz glances at the little camera embedded in the wall. He turns his back to it purposely so it can't read his lips. Mitz is smart. "There is someone. Who can help you, I mean."

"Mitz, we've talked about this," Mouse says, barely moving her lips. "If I'm dangerous then he's insane. Besides, he's drugged up. Can't help me now."

"They're going to put him down!" Mitz exclaims. "Tonight, they want to - to just inject something into his IV so he doesn't wake up. Ever. They're going to kill him, Mouse, just because he wanted to get out of here."

Mouse shifts uncomfortably. "He killed other people. Your friends," she reminds Mitz. "He doesn't deserve to live." But she doesn't believe that. She thinks that if they could come up with a way to keep him contained, that would be a lot better. Then maybe they could rehabilitate him. Counsel him, or something. Help him grow a conscience.

Mitz snaps his fingers and teleports her dinner tray into the room. "I'm breaking him out," he says, not looking at her. "He's asked me to through Doc -" the telepath, "- and I want to. And... and I want you to come with us."

"/Us/?" Mouse hisses, turning so she's not facing the camera either. She inspects the dinner tray but she's not paying any attention to the food. "You're mental! He'll kill you as soon as he's free, Mitz."

"He won't," Mitz insists. "I'll just teleport away if he tries. And that's why I want you with us, anyway. You could protect me. And learn control off him. I want away from here, Mouse, I want better than being a guard in a prison for my own people. I've heard stories of countries where there are no laws against having powers. Where people are accepted. Denmark. Australia. Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland. There's places we can go."

"Snooze will kill people on purpose and I'll kill them accidentally and we might hurt you, Mitz." Mouse is begging now. "You can't honestly think this is a good idea."

"Whether it's a good idea or not," Mitz says, his expression determined, "we're doing it. I'm sick of being stuck here. I know you are. I hear you talking about how you wanna get out but you can't let yourself because you have no control. Please, Mouse. Please come with us." He turns and hugs her again. Mouse stiffens. "I want you to come with us. Please."

Mouse's shoulders slump. "When are we going?"

An enormous grin spreads over Mitz's face and he squeezes her tightly. "Now."

And then they're not in her cell anymore. They're in a white room with an IV-setup, a heart monitor and a bed, and on that bed is an unconscious, sallow, stringy man who Mouse is guessing is Snooze. The transition from her cell to Snooze's was seamless. Mouse hadn't noticed a thing. She only notices when Mitz pulls away from her and starts pulling the IV out of Snooze's arm. "Can you," Mitz starts to say, but then shakes his head, "no, wait, I'll do it," and he stabs Snooze with a syringe.

Snooze wakes with a gasp, grabbing onto Mouse's arm. Ice spreads immediately, and fire erupts from her, scorching his hand. He yanks it away, then carefully replaces it, staring at the ice melting off her skin. Mouse stares at his face. "You don't /look/ evil," she says.

But neither of them get time to say anything more because alarms are blaring and lights are flashing and they're discovered. The door to Snooze's cell bursts open - how come he gets a door and Mouse never did? Men in black with guns shout at them and then their shouts turn to screams. Half of them are on fire and half of them are frozen from the shoulders down. They scream and /scream/ and beg for it to stop and they're /dying/ and it's her fault again. She's killed people /again/. Oh god.

Oh god what have they /done/?

Mouse tastes blood in her mouth and knows she's bitten through her lip to stop herself from babbling how sorry she is. She slams her eyes shut and barely feels it when Snooze's grip on her arm softens into a comforting squeeze. The alarms and the screams are so /loud/ and she can smell the gunmen's flesh and hair burning. She's going to be sick. She's /going to be sick/. Or her head is going to explode. Or she's going to collapse. Oh god what have they /done/?

Mitz takes Mouse's hand and wraps an arm around Snooze's shoulders.

And then there are birds chirping.

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