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[Avatar] First Meeting

Post by nocturnalie on Tue Feb 21, 2012 11:35 pm

Snooze had been travelling alone for almost two weeks, flying north, skirting the edge of the South Pole water tribe villages. He had Idris, but he missed the sound of human voices--and yet he couldn’t bring himself to visit the water tribe villages he passed, too heartsick for home.

When he saw the Southern Air Temple, flying high in the clouds as he ventured further north, he knew he had to stop and stay there for at least a day, or else he’d go mad.

He and Idris landed on one of the flying bison ledges, and the soft sounds of life within the temple made Snooze sigh with relief. He’d been afraid this place would be abandoned, being so far south. He knew many people had moved closer to the cities on the mainland.

It seemed a lot quieter than he expected, though.

“Hello?” he called, absently petting Idris’ feathery neck. The eaglesnake was agitated, feathers puffed out. Maybe she was just tired. Or missing [John]. “It is all right,” Snooze told her, very softly. “Airbenders are kind people.”

Snooze started into the temple, and Idris--reluctantly--slithered after.

Mitz poked his head around the corner of the doorway while the metalbender guards were distracted by the guest walking the halls. He was being lead by one of the cleared monks to the cafeteria the guards had been using.

Whoever it was, he was just a kid. Couldn’t have been more than Mitz’s age. Mitz strained to hear what they were talking about as they passed, but the hallway was too small and didn’t carry sound well. Mitz frowned at the mumbling noises. He couldn’t get any closer, either, while the guards were around.

When were they going to leave? Mitz hoped it was before this new kid did. It’s so rare that there’s action around here; Mitz was instantly curious.


Snooze was only half paying attention as the monk talked about the history of the temple. He tuned in when the man started talking about the Avatar. “...the Avatar’s descendants live right here in our community. It’s a great honour to have them here. It is from them,” the monk said, leaning in to whisper conspiratorially, “that we have gained the knowledge of the airbenders from before the war--and the knowledge of how to heal with bending.”

“How to heal?” Snooze gave the monk his full attention, then, ignoring the curious face poking around the door. “With waterbending?”

“Of course, of course, but that is just one way to heal!” The monk clapped his hands. “Oh, I am sure we could teach you much, Edar. How long did you say you were going to stay?”

Snooze stiffened. “I am--not sure. If you can teach me how to heal, I can surely be persuaded to stay longer than I was planning.”

The monk said, “Wonderful! I will introduce you to some of the elders of our temple.”

“Could you introduce me to Avatar Aang’s family?” Snooze asked, trying his luck.

The monk’s face instantly shuttered. “That would not be possible, I’m afraid. Not at the moment. Perhaps later. Come, come this way, please.”

Snooze was led past the doorway through which he expected to see the curious boy from before--but there was no one there. He craned his neck, trying to see, but the monk quickly pulled him past.


Mitz stood on his tip-toes to see past the guard, but he had pushed him luck as far as it was going to go; the guard in front of him didn’t turn to face him but used his bending to extend his armor and block Mitz’s path.

“You might be healthy enough to walk the halls,” the guard said, lowly. He still didn’t address Mitz directly. “But there ain’t no way you’re healthy enough to pester visitors.”

“I’m not sick,” Mitz mumbled but stepped back, away from the door. The threat the guards posed was real enough. It’s true that Mitz had been deemed well enough to help some of the monks around the temple while most were closed off in quarantine, but he was still more or less a prisoner there. No contact with the outside world, no leaving the temple. The air had gotten too warm and too recycled for most of the monks stuck in the temple, but the guards didn’t seem to notice.

Sick or not, people were beginning to lose all signs of hope that this will pass.


Snooze finally got away from the rambling monk. He was glad to be here and eager to learn what he could from them, and investigate the disease everyone said had started somewhere around here--this Air temple, or the villages attached to it.

And he was glad not to be alone anymore. He got along well with Idris, but she could not speak.

He had missed voices.

But there was a limit. It felt like the monk had been talking for hours. And much as he had wanted to meet the elders of the temple, there were others he wanted to meet more.

Snooze made his way back to where he had seen the curious face. Maybe a villager around his own age would be more willing to talk to him about Avatar Aang and his family than the monk had been.

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