[rl!verse] Pretend Dating 2.0.

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[rl!verse] Pretend Dating 2.0.

Post by nocturnalie on Sun Oct 05, 2014 8:21 pm

Mouse hates going to Oakes events alone, so she hires the town bad boy to be her boyfriend for the event, bribes him into giving her a bad reputation so her elderly relatives won't invite her anymore. Cue Snooze cleaning himself up nicely, actually managing to hold a civil conversation with Mouse, getting along too well with Mitz, and getting Mouse invited to more events. (Freo could jump in here if she likes? Or Sin could be Mouse? Or we can play with Mitz's reactions to Snooze and Mouse.)

Mouse says she'll give Mitz anything to come along and pretend to be her boyfriend at a family dinner, which gives lots of opportunities for pining Mitz to show off how good a boyfriend he could be. But maybe someone else at the dinner, cough John, has brought along his nephew, and then there's /competition/ which Mitz tries to bow out of, of course, but Mouse looks hurt when he offers to break up with her in front of everyone so she can ask Snooze out. (Again, Freo could jump in. Or else we can play Snooze and Mitz around her.)

Mitz is the one needing best friend moral support at a family dinner, and Mouse goes along as a best friend but finds herself getting waaaay too into it as the night goes on. Can't figure out a way to get Snooze invited to that one, maybe it's the verse where Romana is the neighbour. So Helen, in an attempt to be normal, invites the neighbours over for a barbeque, perhaps on Fourth of July, because that's how things are done, isn't it, and Romana and Snooze show up with pie.

Snooze is working at the archery range, maybe, or at his first apprenticeship as a chef, and there's this stupid Couples event, like a picnic in the park or something, to get to know your coworkers outside work, and he freaks because he wants to keep his job and he doesn't want anyone to think he's strange or pervy, coming single to a Couples picnic. So he hires the only girl he knows who hates his guts and couldn't possibly be any /more/ insulted than she already is by his presence alone when he asks her to be his fake girlfriend for an afternoon. As for Mitz, maybe it's a catered event and he's picking up some work? He might have even finagled his way into the job when he found out Mouse and Snooze were going together.

Snooze is starting to get some awkward questions from Romana and John about when he's going to bring home a girlfriend, and then it's Romana's birthday coming up and they're organising a big do, and she says Snooze is free to invite someone if he wants, and he blurts out that he actually has a boyfriend because he doesn't want to disappoint her but also does Not want the Talk about Kids. Which means he needs a boyfriend. After some panicked thought, he asks the quiet boy next door to come along and pretend to be his boyfriend, because he always feels kind of sorry for Mitz always eating take out in the dining room by himself or with only his brother. (and of course John brings James who brings Mouse, and you can barely separate Mitz and Mouse all night which leads to Romana having Ideas about Snooze being in a poly relationship and not wanting to tell her)

Damian would probably be utterly clueless about what other people think of him having a romantic partner. He couldn't care less, he just does what he does. But then Tim or Jason teases him about Snooze bringing along /two/ people and is it possible Snooze stole Damian's mojo, and Damian does not know nor want to know what mojo is. Despite furiously not caring about mojo or Snooze having two people who are entirely his when Damian has nobody... he may not ask Colin to be his /boyfriend/ for the night, but he will talk all around it (about acceptable behaviours and affection and how to speak to each other and smile at each other and basically Colin simply must help him prove to Todd and Drake that he is not socially incompetent).

Then there's Colin, who has literally one friend in the entire world he can rely on to help him out -- even, hopefully, please, with this silly kid's dance at the orphanage, it'll just be a couple of hours, it'll make the nuns happy...? It'll make Colin look really cool.

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