[Mitzvamp] Missing You

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Re: [Mitzvamp] Missing You

Post by nocturnalie on Sat Apr 04, 2015 9:36 pm

So long as Thaey was a decent human being -- er, vampire -- for those first years, Seth wouldn't have any problem believing him. Seth's got to be a naturally trustworthy person, even after being made a vampire. It's going to be finding out Thaey's been lying to him for years and that Mitz is actually the nice one that breaks Seth's spirit for the first time.

"That sounds right," the Doctor says. "Good, I mean. No... I meant right."

Seth leans against Carlisle and has to focus on his breathing because hearing that made his head spin. Territorial? Territorial. Wow, that's such a good word for it, he admits. That word, like, speaks to Seth's core. Carlisle chose it on purpose, right?



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