[Mitzvamp] Missing You

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Re: [Mitzvamp] Missing You

Post by nocturnalie on Tue Sep 09, 2014 4:24 pm

Jerel catches it with his face. Such grace. He tries to get himself as dry as possible on the tiles so he doesn't mess up the carpet.

Thanks, man. Nah, Jerel just meant, that's actually how it is a lot of the time. Rom coms had to get the idea from somewhere, huh?
Well, Jerel admits, it's not too different from liking girls. You just take the butt touches and the kisses a little lighter, a little gentler. But he's really liking not having to hold back with Dick.
He doesn't necessarily /have/ to. He could vanish somewhere and have a quiet life far away from anything like a kingship.

Mitz does. But that doesn't mean Snooze stops. Snooze likes to remind Mitz that he's still there, that he will be there all through the embarrassment and out the other side.
Patronising pat.
I was watching the top chef build with Lindsey and Kdin and... the other two guys whose names I cannot remember who sound exactly like Kdin. And right now my xbox randomised itself and I'm watching a Mario Kart playthrough with someone named Zack? Zach?
She's been all over my facebook, heh. I think Australia's filled with royals nutters.



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