[Mitzvamp] Missing You

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Re: [Mitzvamp] Missing You

Post by nocturnalie on Tue Apr 08, 2014 11:14 pm

Jerel leans in to nibble at Dick's earlobe. They have their whole lives to pun, he supposes. This kind of physicality won't last forever.
Maybe if someone literally sits him down with lists of pros and cons.

The Doctor could never feel guilty about that.

A one-night stand, Jet assures Max. This can't be anything more. He tosses his hand over his forehead.
Jerel sort of hunches. Yeah. He managed to sneak his brother a key, right, so theoretically he can open it up and let Jerel in, or let himself out. But Jerel guesses he must've already gone out tonight, because he's not in there.

Sims on your phone?
so uh today I found out I might have a job??????? or something???? so I spent most of it alternately being productive (job folder, eyebrow plucking, clothes examining, fretting) and hiding (in the Sims, watching TV, napping, reading a hundred pages of Game of Thrones theories). so that's me how about you



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