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Re: [Mitzvamp] Missing You

Post by nocturnalie on Sun Feb 02, 2014 7:48 pm

Snooze lets his hand drop--slowly--and nods. Go on, then. No more fighting.
Snooze looks up at Mitz, very seriously. Yes. Really.

Ian sort of can't believe they actually got through the bottle.
He does have his ways.
No--that's not--Ian gives Harry an actual hurt look. He only ever wanted to include Harry, he says, finally, resignedly. They talked about travelling, and Ian's done some, and he wanted to show Harry what he saw and who he met. Like they used to imagine, all the adventures. There's no emotion to his voice as he says it, because he knows Harry won't believe him no matter what he says. He didn't mean to--parade.

I think the answer will be 'whoops we treated them badly hahahahahahahaa'
Oh man I love laying on the bathroom floor. But not when sick, you are correct.
This is, in the end, very true!
That sounds like a plan, if you can get to a warm surface.



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