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Re: [Mitzvamp] Missing You

Post by sinistra_blache on Mon Dec 09, 2013 9:47 pm

Mitz opens his eyes under the water, not bothering to care about the mild sting, and smiles. Hi. (Whatever grasp Snooze seems to think Jerel has on anything, it's not a permanent thing. He rocks the boat too much and he'll be right down at the bottom rung.) (Shut up, okay.)
Tim appreciates it. So. They've had a big emotional talk. What now?
Damian continues to nod, thoughtful. Yes. Yes, he's rather glad Colin did that as well.

Harry just about keeps it together but, of course, this is the time that one of his relatives decides to engage him in talks about his school work and, really, his dedication. He has to take a lot of deep breaths.

I am pretty goooooooood. Practising. Gig in three days and I am shitting it.



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