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Post by sinistra_blache on Sat Sep 28, 2013 2:35 pm

"Here, take these letters," Mouse commands and Mitz sits up with his hands open to follow the order. He looks at them without reading the addresses; that might be forbidden. Mitz had no idea what was allowed most of the time but it worked out pretty well for him to assume that everything was forbidden.

He sat for a moment longer until he felt Mouse's gaze on him. He peeked up through his fringe. "My Lady?"

"Well?" she prompted. She gestured to the letters in Mitz's hands.

"Oh, uh," he said, frowning. "Um. Right. ...where am I taking these?" His cheeks felt hot. Typical.

"I - don't know," Mouse said. She tapped her chin with a perfectly manicured finger. Nail care was next in line for things Mitz had to learn, and he was looking forward to it. He would have an excuse to study another part of Mouse, and to hold her hand. He tried not to examine that particular fantasy too hard. "I know there's a courier who arrives every second day to deliver and take mail, but I don't know where to go to make sure they get it."

"I should find it?" Mitz offered. He didn't want to. He hated wandering around the Oakdown estate looking for something. It usually meant he arrived late for something that Mouse needed him to do, or other slaves around the estate would see him and assume he's avoiding orders, or an Oakdown noble would see him and send him straight back to Mouse. But he had to do this. He had to follow orders.

"No," Mouse said and stood up. Mitz rose just slightly from his kneeling position; ready to walk behind her but not standing without a command. "That's not fair. You don't know where to go. And you might get lost."

"Again," Mitz mumbled without thinking.

"Again," Mouse echoed with a tiny smile. "So we'll go together. It'll be easier that way. I'll find out something new and you won't have to bother any of the slaves by yourself."

"Thank you, my Lady."

"Mitz," Mouse sighed. "You can call me Mouse. I mean it, okay? I really do. You won't get punished."

Mitz looked at the floor beside her feet at said nothing.

"You won't get punished unless you call me Mouse when we're around my mother," she corrected, reading his silence. She paused. "I'm sorry about that."

Mitz flicked a confused glance up to her. "You don't have to apologise to me."

"No," she allowed, seeming amused. "I don't have to. But you're not some house slave, you're /my/ slave. And so I want to be honest and decent to you. I'm really sorry I didn't mention that my mother wouldn't appreciate our familiarity. I - I got carried away."

Mitz had no idea what Mouse meant by that. He shook his head. "I don't need an apology," he said. "I understand. And I should have known better anyway. My mother would have been the same." Kind of.

Mouse reached down and tipped Mitz's chin up so that her gaze could meet his. He could feel his cheeks going again. He tried to ignore them. Maybe Mouse would ignore the blush, too. "Accept the apology, Mitz," she suggested. Something about her tone stirred something deep in Mitz's stomach. His mouth went dry.

Mitz thought to himself: 'Her eyes are perfect'.

"Yes, Mouse," he replied hoarsely. "I accept the apology."

"Good boy," Mouse smiled at him. He smiled back. He smiled back and it was gooey and lost. He was utterly smitten already and he had only been with her, in this House, for a week. He reasoned that her praise felt so good because of the psychic suggestions implanted in him on his first day, but it felt more than subtle emotional manipulation.


Months passed quickly, all things considered. Mitz never looked back on his life as a Stillhaven noble very often, but when he did he concluded that time must have worked differently there. Days used to drag. In Oakdown, Mitz had lessons and duties and time speaking with Mouse about her day and her plans. Time passed by, simple and quick but not too fast.

Mitz never felt like it was moving too fast. He never felt like he was out of place, not any more so than usual.

The days were getting shorter, which might have contributed to Mitz's temporal perception. It also meant building large fires in Mouse's bedroom's fireplace and bringing her hot drinks while she completed her schooling lessons for the evening. It meant kneeling beside her while she did that, both of them basking in the fire's light, Mitz's head sometimes on her lap.

She had suggested he do that sometimes. It took him a whole week to work up the courage to do so without prompting.

That night, they were sitting in front of the fire on several cushions that Mouse had dragged down from her bed. Mouse was reading silently to herself and Mitz was actually dozing with his head on her lap. Occasionally he'd stir but as soon as he did Mouse would reach down and stroke her fingers through his hair. It felt nice. It made him feel warmer than any fire could manage.

"Mitz," Mouse whispered. She spoke suddenly but her tone didn't startle him. He open his eyes and looked up at her.

"Yes, Mouse," he whispered back because that seemed like what he was supposed to do.

"Do you like me?" She never took her eyes off the pages of her book, but they didn't move. Mitz could tell she wasn't actually reading. "And I don't mean to ask if you think I'm a nice person. You know what I'm asking."

He bit his lip. Technically, he was a body slave. A personal slave was a mix between body and house. But admitting that he harboured feelings for his mistress before she asked for them wasn't entirely proper.

Neither was lying to his mistress.

"I do," he said slowly. "I like you, I mean, not that I know what you're asking. I mean, I know what you're asking but that's not what I was answering. Uh." He closes his eyes tightly, wishing he were someone else. "Sorry, Mouse. Sorry. Yes, I do."

"Answer another question for me," she said, finally putting her book down. He heard it shut and hoped beyond hope that Mouse would allow him a little solace by keeping his eyes shut.

"Anything," he promised. He meant it.

"Why did you apologise for liking me?"

The fire crackled at them while Mitz sat in silence and tried to work his thoughts into an acceptable answer.

"I," he started, then paused. He had no idea how to go about this. "I don't know. I - I - I know that I'm not the best choice for a body slave. I don't mean to brag? But I would have made a pretty good house slave. But when it comes to, to the rest, I just - I'm sorry. I'm sorry it's me. I'm sorry I like you because I should be better and I'm sorry."

"Oh, /Mitz/," Mouse sighed, then started petting through his hair again. He relaxed instantly. He felt less like running away. Mouse wasn't mad at him. She sounded sad, but he couldn't blame her. She deserved so much more than him. "If I ask another question, would you answer it honestly?"

"Of course I would," he answered. He was still whispering.

"Do you want to kiss me?"

Mitz's eyes snapped open to stare at her. "Mouse?" he asked, because he didn't know what else to say.

"Do you?" she asked again, and she looked worried. As though Mitz wouldn't want to. As though it were even a chance of him rejecting someone as absolutely perfect as her.

He sat up, but kept his gaze down. He was going to attempt to break a million rules at once, and he had to make a good start and hope he got away with it. "May I take your hands?"

"Oh, for - yes, you can," she sighed.

Mitz reached for her and looked at her hands in his. He smiled, though he wasn't aware of it. "May I keep your gaze for a moment?"

"Yes," she said, breathless, and when Mitz looked up at her he saw her eyes wide and her lips parted. Not for the first time, and not for the last, he felt a tug below his stomach. He swallowed hard and attempted to answer her question properly.

"I would like you to understand that I would give everything I am to be worthy of kissing you," he said, breathing his words because he understood why they were whispering, at last. It was private and their own. "I want, sorry, I would like--"

"You're allowed to want things," she said automatically, laughing a little. He smiled in response.

"I know. And I do! I mean, I want - I --" Mitz shook his head, clearing his thoughts. "I do want to kiss you. I do. But, more than that? I want it to be something that you want, and something right and perfect. And I'm not that yet."

Mouse took one of her hands away and, for the tiniest of moments, Mitz's heart sank. Then she cupped his cheek. "You're an idiot," she said, still smiling at him. "And you're my idiot. And I like you back. And if you can't work out the next thing I'm going to say to you then you are a /complete/ idiot."

He smiled, blush blossoming as he began to understand properly. "Mouse," he said, not whispering any longer. "May I kiss you?"

Mouse scooted a little closer to him. Mitz breathed in her scent, all perfumes and fire-smoke and skin. She was so close. "You may," she answered. Mitz's heart felt like it stopped and started fifteen times in one second.

He had never kissed anyone before. He didn't know what he was doing. But he wanted to do this and, much more importantly, Mouse wanted it. He leaned in and pressed his lips to Mouse's. She made the smallest noise, and it did /things/ to him.

The kiss was chaste. It was not the best kiss either of them would ever have. But it was charged with something neither of them expected, and lasted longer than planned. Mitz didn't want to move away and Mouse held his hand fast, making sure that he didn't. When they parted, flushed in the face, Mouse leaned her head onto Mitz's shoulder.

He felt amazing.

"You may do that whenever we're alone," she said, and had gone back to whispering. Then she did him a kindness and put a pillow over his lap. Nervously, he laughed.

"Thank you, Mouse."

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