[Summer Camp] Second Year

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[Summer Camp] Second Year

Post by nocturnalie on Tue Feb 21, 2012 10:24 pm

The bus ride was long, and hot, and the little kids seemed even more annoying this year.

But when Snooze tumbled off the bus at the end of the road and breathed in the fresh lake air, the scent of pine needles twisting through the breeze, it was worth the hours of screaming and singing. Then he saw that theirs was the last bus to arrive, and he ducked away from the kids.

He had to find Mouse and Mitz.

After their--he had to call it a break up, there was nothing else it could be--at the end of the summer, things had been cold for months. But then they'd started emailing, him and Mouse, then him and Mitz, then all three of them had gotten onto instant messaging. And then the flirting, and the pictures, and the calls.

He had to find Mouse and Mitz.

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